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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Online Health Fitness Center

Orange Park, FL. , October 1, 2007: With an incredible development turnaround, the Ipod Fitness Center announced today an amazing application that lets an iPhone or iPod touch user have an enhanced view of their fitness tracking. The Ipod Fitness Center is a virtual fitness center powered by VitaLife Networks, a First Coast Florida company that supports the health and wellness needs of its members and customers.

The iPhit application will be a high demand application for iPhone users who track their walking or running exercise using their iPod Nano and Nike+ iPod Sensor kit. With this technology, their run or walk events are tracked using a sensor in their shoe linking to their iPod Nano. Using the enhanced features of the Ipod Fitness Center, the IPhit application sends this exercise tracking data to the IPhone in an easy to read and use format. The iPhit home page displays the Runs, Challenges, Goals, Nike Community that are available on the Nike+ website. In addition, the Ipod Fitness Center can be accessed directly from the iPhone. Purchases can be made of the nutraceutical quality supplement products and other products that support a healthy lifestyle with one click purchases - right from the iPhone!

To access iPhit from your iPhone, simply visit. You can also run iPhit from your desktop pc - but you must be using the Firefox or Safari web browser.

The Ipod Fitness Center is an online fitness center and social networking community that is based on the iPod Nano and Nike+ Sensor technology. It was created in support of the iPod and Nike+ products and takes the technology a step further by creating an environment of fun fitness and accountability. Members are encouraged by others to stick with their exercise program. Monthly challenges, called PARTIs, are held that keep members accountable to themselves and others to meet their fitness goals. Most of all, fitness is made fun with fellowship, exercising with others across the country, friendly competition and prizes!

A YouTube for Fitness Videos?

Leonard Fitness has announced the launch of, a website featuring free exercise video demonstrations and workout programs. In a market saturated with websites trying to talk wary consumers into paying membership fees for video content, Justin Leonard is allowing users to view fitness videos free online, or download them to their iPod at no cost.

What does this mean for pay-for-access fitness training websites? Quite simply, you had better add some value to your members because nobody wants to pay for something that they can get for free elsewhere. And once people get used to the idea of getting something free online there is no going back. What that added value might be we will leave up to your imagination, but let’s just say it better be more than the typical “community” feature-set.

Currently, the content on is sparse with only about 100 exercise videos in five categories, but Leonard Fitness plans to become the largest collection of exercise video content ever put together in one place. “You can think of as the YouTube of fitness videos,” says Justin Leonard.

However, a quick look at the site reveals they have a very long road ahead of them if they want people to think of their site in YouTube terms. Where is the comment section for each video? The discussion aspect is a major attraction to YouTube. Where are the user profile pages, user video blogs, and voting / rating features? To say that this site is anything at all like YouTube (other than being fee) is taking things a little too far at this point. But who knows what the future holds for…